Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews Founding member of Laurus The management company which operates Aldershot Tennis Centre is Laurus, co-founded by Steve, an ex-GB tennis player and coach and with considerable experience in tennis centre management.

Sarah Langford

Sarah Langford Senior Manager Sarah has a degree in Sports Development and Coaching Science. She is a Level 2 Coach, an ABTO Part 2 Official and part of the ATC Safeguarding Team.

Emma Wanostrocht

Emma Wanostrocht Senior Manager Emma has a degree in BioVeterinary Science and is a Level 1 Coach. Emma is part of the ATC Safeguarding Team.

Tom Defrates

Tom Defrates Centre Manager Tom manages ATC and is a Level 3 Tennis Coach and Level 3 IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist. Tom has a passion for providing sport (in particular tennis and rugby) to all members of our community. Tom has a coaching and teaching background and plays rugby for his local team.

Clint Harris

Clint Harris Head of Tennis Clint leads a team of coaches and apprentice coaches. He is a Level 5 Coach, an Ex-Junior Davis Cup Player for New Zealand and Ex-National Coach for New Zealand. Clint is part of our Safeguarding Team

Louise Moodie

Louise Moodie Operations Manager Louise has a strong background in Operations, having held a similar job at the National Tennis Centre for many years.

Sue Bamford

Sue Bamford Coach Education Coordinator Sue is also a Level 5 Coach.

Sam Greenway_edited

Sam Greenway Operations Assistant

Jean Barker_edited

Jean Barker Operations Assistant

Chris Gill_edited

Chris Gill Operations Assistant

Amber Rose_edited

Amber Rose Operations Assistant